3 Simple Habits That Will Help You Get More Miles And Have Fewer Auto Problems

If you want to get the most mileage out of your car, regular maintenance is something that is essential. You also want to be able to catch problems before they turn into major repairs. This can include doing things like checking all your fluids when you fill up with fluid, or checking tire pressure regularly. Here are some simple habits that will help you with your car care:

1. Checking Your Fluids Every Time You Fill Up

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure you get the most miles out of your car is check the fluids. You may be in the habit of checking the oil occasionally, but you also need to check things like coolant and transmission fluid. To prevent problems, get in the habit of filling up your tank and checking all the fluids when you do. This can help you catch a lot of problems before they become serious, costly repairs.

2. Look At The Tires And Check Pressure Before Hitting The Road

The tires on your car provide you with stability and control. When they do not have the right pressure in them, this can affect handling, fuel economy and add extra stress on your suspension. Before you get in your car and start driving, make it a habit to look at all your tires for signs of problems, such as lack of pressure and malfunctions like knots in the side-walls. It is a good idea to keep a pressure gauge in your car, so you can check the tire pressure whenever you need to.

3. Inspecting Your Brakes And Checking Tire Wear For Suspension Problems

The brakes are another important part of your car that you will want to keep an eye on to stay safe on the road. Make it a habit to check the wear of brake pads, so you know when it is time to have them changed. When you do this, you may also want to check the wear of tires, which can tell you if there is a problem with the suspension or alignment that needs to be repaired.

These are some habits that will help you have fewer auto problems and get more miles out of your car. If you are ready for a new car, contact a car sales service like Hertz Clifton-Passaic Rent A Car, go over the condition of the car and check some of these things before you buy.