4 Must Know Moving Tips

Whether you're doing it yourself or using the services of a professional moving company, moving – whether it's down the block or out of state – can be a stressful experience. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do that will make the experience all that much easier. Read on and discover a few moving tips that are absolutely essential.

Be In Close Contact With Professional Movers

If you plan on relying on the services of professional movers, make sure to keep in close contact with them. At the very latest, you call ahead two weeks in advance, although even more time would be preferable. During the late summer and early fall are generally the prime moving times, so if you plan on moving during this time, give your movers an even greater heads up. Make sure that you prep the moving service about what sort of items you're moving, especially the fragile items. Finally, keep them abreast of any changes in your plan, even if they crop up at the last minute or seem inconsequential.

Keep Important Documents With You

Don't pack up any important documents, but rather, keep them on your person. These basically include any documents that you don't want to misplace. Among these items include your mortgage, marriage certificate, driver's license and passport, outstanding bills, and your birth certificate. Make sure that you keep them all together and you know where they're at. It is probably best to place them in a manila envelope and keep them on your person from the time you leave your former home to the point you make it to your destination.

Rent Moving Equipment

If you happen to be moving on your own, you might find it infinitely more convenient if you rent a few pieces of equipment from your local hardware store. You will find items like dollies, jacks, ramps, and lifts will all make the experience of moving less of a brain crushingly difficult experience into one that just incites a small headache.

Use Moving Containers

Moving containers are a great service offered by many moving companies or services. You simply receive a large number of deep plastic containers in which you put your belongings. You will fill out a brief form on top stating where the items are coming from and where they're going, as well as what's inside. There may also be a tiny release statement on each container. Then, on the day you plan to move, the service will swing by, load the containers in their truck and drop them off at your desired destination.