Toss, Donate & Pack: Tips for Getting Ready to Move from One Home to Another

Moving can be an overwhelming job. If you are looking around your house unable to figure out what to pack, it's time to start organizing your belongings. Most people have plenty of items in their home that they no longer use, and sorting through your items before packing can reduce your stress. Create three areas in your home for your belongings, one that can be thrown away, one for items to be donated, and one for belongings you are ready to pack. While you will still need to leave out items you are using every day, this will give you a good start on packing the items you are using.

Throw Away Your Junk

Once you start going through your belongings, you will be surprised at the amount of things that end up in the trash. Broken dishware, clothes with rips, and anything that can't be of use to another person should be thrown away or recycled. While it might be hard to get rid of your things, it is necessary to throw away your junk before you move. If this step is hard for you, have a friend come over to help you determine if things are worth saving. 

Create a Donation Pile

You have plenty of things in your home that are useful but you no longer need. For example, the second microwave in the basement can be donated, and the sheets that don't fit any bed in your home can be given away. While it's good to have backup items in case you need them, there is a fine line between saving the things you need and hoarding stuff you don't. Give your useful items to a good cause, and get ready to move the rest of your belongings.

Get Packing

As you get ready to move, you can start by having all of the right packing materials. Gather together enough boxes, tape and markers to get going. Pack items you aren't using, such as photographs, old documents and off season clothing. You will be surprised at how many boxes you get packed just by going room to room and packing up stuff you aren't using.

Once you have sorted through your belongings, tossed, donated and started packing, you will be well on your way to be ready for movers. While the next few weeks may be stressful, you will be able to move forward knowing that you are ready for the move ahead. For more information or assistance, contact companies like NextView Moving.