4 Tips For Preventing A Pest Infestation In Your Storage Unit

When you put items in storage, you most likely want them to remain in good condition for the duration of your rental. One problem that can occur with outdoor storage units is pest infestations. No one wants to open their storage unit to discover that bugs, spiders, or rodents have made it their home. Use the following tips to help prevent pest infestations in your storage unit:

Choose a Storage Facility that Has a Pest Control Plan

When selecting a storage facility to rent a unit from, make sure you inquire about their pest control plan before signing a rental agreement. It is important to choose a storage facility that has an exterminator treat the grounds on a regular basis to help prevent a large number of pests on the property.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

While regular pest control services can go a long way, no storage facility can guarantee that the property is completely free of pests. One way to protect your belongings from pests like rodents and cockroaches is by packing them in plastic storage bins with lids. Rodents can't chew through thick plastic, and a tight fitting lid will prevent roaches from getting in the bin. Plastic storage bins are easy to stack and are very sturdy.

Wrap Upholstered Furniture

If you are storing couches, chairs, or mattresses, it is a good idea to wrap them tightly in plastic before putting them in your storage unit. When your furniture is wrapped with plastic, mice or rats will not be able to tear it up to find material to make a nest. Make sure that you use thick plastic sheets that are secured tightly so no upholstered area is exposed. 

Spray Your Unit

When you open your storage unit for the first time, it should be clean and swept. Prior to unloading your things, consider spraying the walls and floor with a pesticide in order to create a barrier of protection against pests. If you use a very strong pesticide, you may want to let the unit air out for a little while before you place your belongings in it.

If you don't want to use a strong pesticide, you can try placing cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil in the corners of the unit as well as inside dresser drawers. Many people believe that the strong scent of peppermint oil naturally deters pests like spiders, mice, and rats.