Moving to a Hot and Humid State? 3 Tips for Protecting Belongings Stored in Moving Trucks

Do you hate the cold and dream of moving to a warm and humid state that feels like summer year-round? Some of the best states you can move to include California, Hawaii, Texas, Arizona, Florida and North and South Carolina. When moving to a warmer state, the belongings stored in the moving trucks are susceptible to water damage and musty smells if they're sealed and trapped within the trucks for long periods of time. Here are 3 tips on how you can protect your belongings from the heat and humidity until they're unloaded.

Leave Several Bags of Activated Charcoal Inside the Moving Truck

The temporal differences between the inside and outside of the moving truck causes humidity to build up within the truck. This makes your belongings more vulnerable to mildew and water damage. In addition, the constant heat from the sun shining down on the moving truck elevates temperature within the truck throughout the day. This contributes to the musty odors that can commonly be smelled once the doors of the moving trucks open. Leave several opened bags containing activated charcoal inside the moving truck. The activated charcoal will absorb both moisture and odors in its environment.

Cover Large Furniture and Other Items with a Breathable Fabric

As increasing levels of humidity is a primary concern for those moving to a more humid and warm state, protect large furniture and other items stored within the moving truck by covering them with some type of breathable fabric. Linen and cotton are two of the most breathable fabrics. You want to avoid using plastic wrap, as moisture can get trapped inside. This moisture can create stains on wooden furniture and extensive water damage.

Ventilate the Inside of the Truck at Night

You need to let the inside of the moving truck breathe. The best time to do so is at night when the temperatures have dropped. Open up the back doors of the moving truck and allow it to ventilate for a period of time. Doing so will remove moisture and humidity that has built up within the moving truck and will allow some fresh air in.

The trek to a better home can take a while. If your belongings are going to be stored inside a moving truck for a length of time, you need to make an effort to ensure that the environment within the truck stays within an ideal range until you arrive at your new place.