Ready to Store an RV? Why You Need a Temperature Controlled Unit

If you are getting ready to put your RV away for the winter and you've never had to store an RV in the past, you want to get the cost for a temperature controlled storage unit. When you have any type of vehicle, especially something as costly as an RV, it's important to preserve it and protect it. The temperature controlled unit will prevent large changes in the temperature in the storage unit, and will provide you with the following benefits.

Avoid Condensation Concerns

When condensation is an issue in a storage unit, you can have a lot of issues with your RV. Here are a few condensation problems you can avoid with a temperature controlled storage unit:

  • Prevent diluted fluids throughout the vehicle, like oil or brake fluid
  • Avoid battery and other electrical corrosion caused by moisture
  • Prevent rust caused by moisture

You will want to add a fuel stabilizer to the RV, and you should have the vehicle tuned up before you put it in storage so all the fluids are clean and filled to the top.

Work on the RV When Needed

If you want to work on the RV during the winter months, either the exterior or the interior, you won't have to worry about the weather conditions before you can do anything. Not only will you have shelter from the rain or snow, but you can also have a heated unit that will be comfortable when the temperatures have fallen.

Prevent Electrical Damage

There are a lot of electrical components in an RV that can be damaged when the temperatures drop, such as television or touch screens, the vehicle battery, and electrical outlets/lighting. When you have the RV in a heated area none of the electrical components will be damaged by the dropping temperatures or lose a charge.

Finding a storage facility that has a temperature controlled unit large enough for your RV may take some time, so be sure to call around and costs for all the different units in the area. You want a facility that is going to offer insurance cover, in addition to the storage insurance you should already have from your insurance provider. Make sure that you can get a unit that will have controlled temperature options, along with lighting. Storing your RV properly will help make it easier to use when you are ready to pull it out and ride in the spring. 

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